Epoch Technologies Dalian - LEED Platinum Certification

Epoch Technologies Project is a 16,400 square meters new factory in Dalian. Epoch Technologies Dalian Company specified for this project aggressive energy and environmental goals, and a strong focus on employee health, safety and well-being. This project adopted the strategies of increasing energy efficiency, natural daylighting, greywater recycling and an extensive green roof, which reflects the pursuit of the sustainable development by Epoch. Epoch project has successfully achieved the LEED Platinum Certification, the highest level of achievement in the USGBC LEED rating system.


Sustainable Sites
● Adopt extensive green roof to absorb and reuse 60-100% of rainwater;
● Use green plants to protect the roof from the impact of ultraviolet rays and extreme weather to further minimize urban heat island effect.

Water Efficiency
● Apply native plants, greywater recycling system and other water saving measures to achieve a water saving rate of 69.7%.

Energy and Atmosphere
● Adopt solar PV panels, high thermal performance glazing, variable speed chillers, efficient FCU, outdoor air heat recovery, skylight, intelligent lighting system, etc., to reduce energy consumption;
● Based on ASHRAE standard, the total energy saving rate of the project is 28.7%.

Materials and Resources
● The reusability of building materials contributes to a 20% of the overall raw materials gross costs;
● Diverted 95.9% of total construction waste to be recycled or salvaged.

Indoor Environmental Quality
● Provide fresh air exceeding 30% of the base requirement;
● Apply ventilation system with a filter purification device to achieve MERV13 filtration efficiency;
● Separate the exhaust fan of printing room to prevent environmental contamination;
● Choose the indoor carpets which meet the Green Label Plus standard;
● Limit the content of VOC in adhesives, sealants and coatings to guarantee indoor air quality and employee health;
● Use intelligent building management system to monitor the indoor air quality and ensure the indoor thermal comfort.


As a leading provider of LEED consultancies and founding member of USGBC, EMSI received special recognition from USGBC in 2017 and 2018 for outstanding leadership, as well as 2014 when EMSI completed 100 certifications. In this project, EMSI provided both LEED certification and sustainable design services, and successfully helped the project achieve the highest LEED Platinum rating award.