Independent Commissioning of building systems ensures system performance are actually realized, and facilitates smooth project handovers. Focusing on system-level performance and operational concerns of safety, reliability, comfort, and efficiency, EMSI commission services are systematic and collaborative process to ensure that the building systems realize quantified performance levels in accordance with the owner and brand requirements. Customized to client needs, EMSI commission services help clients obtain high performance buildings, guiding contractors through effective mitigations and reduced failure rates, and give occupants better comfort and lower electricity bills.


Spanning design and construction stages, the highly experienced EMSI commissioning team uses international and national standards, high quality measurement equipment, close collaboration with design, construction and operational teams, and detailed guidance to contractors, to achieve optimal performance and handover results.


EMSI Commissioning and T&C services typically cover Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection (MEPF) systems for Commercial, Hospitality, and Industrial Facilities.


 Electrical System

  • High Voltage Distribution
  • Low Voltage Distribution
  • Emergency Power Generators
  • UPS Systems
  • Electrical Building Services
  • Lighting & Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Security & Amenity Flood lighting Systems
  • Vertical Transportation


 HVAC System

  • Mechanical Ventilation Systems
  • Fan Coil and VAV/CAV Terminal System
  • Comfort Air Conditioning
  • Clean Room Air Conditioning
  • Chilled Water Distribution Systems
  • Heating Water Distribution Systems
  • Refrigeration Systems


 Fire Safety System

  • Fire Alarm and Detection Systems
  • Fire Wet Sprinkler Systems
  • Fire Hydrant Systems
  • Pre-action Sprinkler Systems
  • Gas Fire Systems


 ELV, Monitoring & Control Systems

  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • CCTV, Access Control & Intruder Detection System
  • Water Leakage Detection System


 Plumbing System

  • Domestic Cold & Hot Water Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems
  • Solar Hot Water System
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Waste Water Management System
  • Drainage Systems