Based on the sustainable development requirements of the owner and the characteristics of the project, EMSI provides recommendations on environmentally sustainable design using computer simulated analysis and conducts economical and technical feasibility analysis of the recommendations to consult with the owners, making it a holistic decision making process.


EMSI provides recommendations and reports on sustainable development of the interior, outer wall and enclosure structure, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) system based on the building layout selected, recommendations to maximize the utilization of the local natural resources for adjusting the indoor environment, reduce the energy consumption and minimize the impact of the natural environment on the surrounding and indoor environment of the building. The complete sustainable design includes air quality, lighting, thermal comfort, noise level, new energy options and other aspects. Our methodology includes Integrated Analysis, Design Comparison & Optimization and Performance Benchmarking & Verification.


EMSI green sustainable design analysis includes:

  • Daylight, sun shading, daylight integrated controls
  • Site shadow & solar radiation analysis
  • Exterior and interior occupant comfort – thermal, wind, lighting
  • Natural ventilation potential and strategies
  • Entrance and lobby wind conditions
  • Elevator general stack effects and piston effects
  • Alternative heating and cooling systems
  • Exhaust effects