Shanghai Hongqiao Vanone Center

Shanghai Hongqiao Vantone Center, located at No. 04 Lot of Hongqiao CBD Phase 1, is an integrated building complex constructed by Vantone Real Estate and Sunny World Group, with integrated Grade A offices, lifestyle experience and commercial functions and the project is designed by Foster+Partners. The total floor area of the project is approximately 164,000 square meters. Furthermore, it also satisfies multiple requirements of architectural aesthetics, office functions and green ecology, etc.




Feng Lun, the founder of Vantone, once said, "On one hand, it is Hongqiao CBD's ideal location that makes Vantone decide to build such a project here; on the other hand, it is also based on the mutual consensus of two major trends named business development and promotion of green concept." Shanghai Hongqiao Vantone Center is Vantone's first project in Shanghai and also one of the most important works representing Vantone Real Estate's strategy transition to the commercial real estate, which reflects that Vantone will further increase its investment on commercial real estate and develop its business configuration.


EMSI provided LEED consulting service for this project.