Yuanyang Tianjiao - WELL MFR Gold Certification

Yuanyang Tianjiao Residential Project is located in the center of Tianhe District, Guangzhou City. It consists of 10 residential buildings and 1 commercial complex. As the first certified WELL MultifamilyResidential Project, Yuanyang Tiaojiao project has been highly recognized for providing healthy living experience through integrating seven WELL Concepts: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort and Mind.


● Positive pressure haze-cleared fresh air system removes PM2.5 and PM10 from every household;
● Strict management of pesticide, VOCs, combustion gas, microbe and mold;
● Regular monitoring and reporting both indoor and outdoor air quality.

● Triple water purification system provides high-quality domestic water and drinking water.

● Declare nutrition information and artificial ingredients of food selling in the community;
● Prohibit selling beverages with more than 50% sugar content;
● Provide space and facilities for urban agriculture;
● Manage food advertisements to promote better knowledge and concepts of healthy diets.

● Interior design adapted high-reflectance material and glare control strategies to maximize indoor visual comfort and support circadian rhythm.

● Free indoor and outdoor activity spaces, equipment, and fitness guidance are provided to promote fitness activities.

● Acoustic comfort is achieved through double glazing, sound-absorption interior partition and plant noise barrier.

● Biophilia design such as riverfront park, waterscape, pets world and family park are designed to improve mental health and wellbeing;
● Public library, open-air cinemas and multi-functional sports venues are designed to meet social needs.


WELL is the first building standard to focus exclusively on human health and wellness. It is an independently verified, performance-based system for measuring, certifying and monitoring building performances that influence human health and well-being. People spend about 90% of time indoors, while health and wellness is one of the largest growth industries. WELL Building Standard provides people-oriented design and construction opportunities, and ultimately support the building industry to comprehensively address human health issues. WELL Certification projects can significantly improve the health and well-being of building occupants, which have great market potential.


EMSI is one of the first companies that provides WELL certification in China, with in-depth cooperation experience with IWBI on standards and technologies. Meanwhile, EMSI has 26 WELL certification experts and the first WELL Faculty in China. Until January 2019, EMSI has completed 12 WELL projects, which area account for 88% total certified area in mainland China. By taking into account WELL features, the unique development content in China, as well as the actual needs of residents, EMSI wellness expert team provided WELL certification consulting services for Sino-ocean Tianjiao project, and successfully helped the all ten residential buildings achieve the world's first Pilot WELL MFR Gold Certification.

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