China Resources Land Tower Building

China Resources (CR) Land Tower Building is located in the east of Nanshan Science and Technology Park in Shenzhen, covering an area of 940,00m2 and a gross area of 660,000 m2. There are T1, T2, T4, T5, T6, totally five towers, all of which are aimed for LEED CS 2009 Gold certification and are committed to “creating the largest LEED complex in Shenzhen”.


EMSI provided sustainable design analysis and LEED consulting service for this project, helping it successfully get the LEED CS Gold pre-certification. Green strategies in this project are listed below:


Proper landscapes: Well-designed landscapes in this project provide an increased insulation for grounds and reduce the air conditioning load in summer. In addition, it can reduce surface run off and relieve the stress of roof drainage. The rooftop garden provides natural rest place for business people and reduces heat island effect.


Focus on indoor air quality: The standard of fresh air in this project is 30% higher than LEED standard, real-time monitoring system is used for indoor CO2 concentration and replenishes fresh air in time to ensure a better indoor air quality and comfortable working environment, which will be helpful to improve work efficiency and ensure employee’s health.


Water efficiency: The volume of reclaimed water is expected to reach 18,615 cubic meters all year round, which can be used for waterscape recharge, landscape irrigation, roads and parking garage washing. Moreover, the use of efficient water-saving fixtures helps to reduce water use by 35% annually.


Green traffic: To provide priority parking spaces for new energy vehicles, set up bicycle parking spaces and bath rooms for bicycle riders to reduce air pollution and tail gas emission.


Equipment for energy conversation and environmental protection: Centrifugal air conditioning unit has been used in the building. Far above the standards set by the state and Shenzhen, it can achieve up to 5.7 COP and considered as the best chiller in current market. Ice-storage technology makes it possible to provide cooling during the day by utilizing the low electricity prices in night. Moreover, environmental friendly refrigerant has been used to reduce ozone depletion.


Automatic control system for buildings: Monitoring devices allow less human workload and a faster reaction time. In addition, the group control technology of heat and cool sources enables 20%-30% energy saving of equipment operation. Furthermore, more energy saving potential will be explored through the analysis of the current data.


Smoke-free strategy: As a smoke-free building, it positively responses to “smoking ban”. Designated smoking areas are installed for better management.


Elevator noise reduction: The expertise on elevator stack effect and optimized piston effects ensure a quieter, smoother ride for tower building elevators.