MOMA is located in North Yinbin Road, Dongzhimen, with advantages of landmark in Beijing, the capital city. This project covers a land area of 220,000 square meters, including 135,000 square meters' residential area and 85,000 square meters' supporting commercial area, including the cultural exhibition facilities such as art cineplex, gallery and library, as well as living facilities, sports and leisure facilities such as boutique hotel, international kindergarten, top restaurant, club and gym, swimming pool and tennis court, etc.


EMSI provided LEED consulting service for this project, helping it earn the first LEED ND Phase III certification in China. Green strategies in the project are listed below:




Ceiling radiant heating/cooling system of concrete floor: Heat transfer of the system is mainly realized through radiation, with appropriate supplement of fresh air. The heating/cooling efficiency of temperature difference radiation is higher than that of air convection. In addition, the system can generate uniform temperature, to create the most comfort environment.


Whole air displacement system: MOMA adopts replacement fresh air system, which can ensure 24-hour indoor fresh air, with the design meeting standards of five-star hotel room. Fresh air handling units are equipped with efficient plate total heat recovery device, to realize no cross contamination of fresh air and exhausted air, with heat recovery rate as high as 60% above.


Recycle system of reclaimed water: After treated by bioreactor, sterilizing devices and so on with membrane bio-processing technology (MBR), all daily domestic wastewater is used for flushing toilets and supplementing water to green fields, roads, water landscapes, etc.